Passionate Moodswing (sapphirescarlet) wrote in nocommunity,
Passionate Moodswing


I stand back and look
Long dark curls
Green eyes?
Yes, sometimes.
They ignite with a sweep.
Try me
Hold a match in your teeth at 30 feet.
Lips that suggest with the slightest curve
Speak silent volumes of eroticism.
A slow easy smile
Great tits (I’ve heard THAT enough)
Quick wit - too quick - I can’t let a tease pass
Sweet-tea words soothe
Vinegar words burn and come all too frequently
That’s me.
Old men and old women
Look at me, they shake their heads and say
"If you had been born 30 years earlier"
"I don’t know what’s wrong with men today"
I smile.
"I don’t either"
As I walk away.
But a little chunky monkey
Will make it all better.

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