Passionate Moodswing (sapphirescarlet) wrote in nocommunity,
Passionate Moodswing

Marvelous beast

Speak to her of romance
And she'll throw you to the ground
For this is no gentle creature of the twilight
Feel the venom in her fang
As sarcasm nicks your throat
And marvel that such beauty
Bears raw poison

Flattering conversation
Cannot hold the patent glare
Disdain drips free
Upon your sodden heart
Value your life?
Then turn and run as
The wildcat screams
Tear your saddened eyes
From her magnificence

Hold the creature at arms length
As you speak inconsequence
Gentle sensate stimulation
Must be your tack
Tweak each sense in turn
Watch fine nostrils flare
As scent is caught upon the air
Smile as pupil dilates - Look away!
Restrain yourself as lids drop
Watch the creature grow relaxed
As she tastes the liquor
Glossing her verdant lip

Instinct will tell you
The time is right
To taste her ear
She will not fight
But act on impulse
Give no pause
At any sign of weakness
She'll take flight

Marvel as you taste her
Make your pleasure heard
And leave no doubt
Inside the wanton's mind
Cast yourself with sweet abandon
On the silken warmth beneath you
And discover greater treasure
Than you ever hoped to find

As her heart crawls out
And curls up in your hand

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