Passionate Moodswing (sapphirescarlet) wrote in nocommunity,
Passionate Moodswing

Soul Seek?

Her soul lies hidden 
crouching on her pelvic floor 
making itself small and smaller
searching wide-eyed for

It hides 
longing to be ignored
passed over
by tidal waves of emotion 
raging through her mind. 
Shivering in fear 
ducking its head 
as another shard of heart 
comes crashing down. 

It hides 
all the while 
aching to be spotted
its beauty discovered 
as large clumsy hands 
gently reach forward 
cradling it tenderly 
in a roughened palm 
softly stroking 
quaking flesh 
as a warm dark voice 
whispers gentle nothings 
to coax the fear away. 

Until that warm hand 
slides across full rounded flesh 
fingers tracing 
the taut muscles 
that hold her upright 
as warm full lips 
slide across her own 
meeting her searching kiss 

Until talented tongue 
beckons 'come hither'.

For the kiss coaxes her soul
to reach up 
from its hiding place
extending willing arms
around a ruddy neck
fingers wandering lost
along the ridge
until her soul
skips gaily away
dragging a ravaged heart behind.
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