Passionate Moodswing (sapphirescarlet) wrote in nocommunity,
Passionate Moodswing


My spirit shouted

I'm a wild thing! Untamed! An exotic goddess!

"Hush," I said.
And slipped into soft baggy pants.

The child-inside struggled, twisting away and shaking her head
Refusing to eat her vegetables.

"Hush," I said.
And baked a potato.

My heart cried out

My joie de vivre! My exhilaration! That thrill! I miss that thrill and anticipation that comes from new lust, from stolen encounters, that comes from the surprise of attention.
Where is it? Who will question me? Who longs to know this heart?

"Hush," I said. 
And pinned my hair up, settling onto the sofa to peruse the newspaper.

My soul sobbed

Is it over? Is that all? But won't it come again?

"Hush," I said.
And cried myself to sleep.

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