Passionate Moodswing (sapphirescarlet) wrote in nocommunity,
Passionate Moodswing


Do we really know what another deserves?
Can we truly judge?

She could be working out
The sins of a past life
Perhaps she was a polygamist
Maybe she broke so many hearts
That seven men wept
a jilted mate's tears
Over her grave
Perhaps the winsome soul
shining from her eyes
made a man forget his very name

He may have been
a rounder
Who never cared one whit
About the souls he stole away
With a lingering glance
Or a secret kiss.

But maybe fate is crueler still
Perhaps karma has given her
Those same shining eyes
Destined this time
To never meet their mate

Perhaps the gods saw fit
To grace him with that same
Soul-searing kiss
That broke a thousand hearts
Only to let a careless harlot
Crush his soul

Perhaps this round of the wheel
His only lesson will be
Don't let laziness
Steal your happiness away
Don't let your indecision
Force your true love
Out the door.

Maybe the only thing
She needs to learn in this life
Is mind your greedy manners
take what is graciously offered to you
and leave the rest for someone else.
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