Passionate Moodswing (sapphirescarlet) wrote in nocommunity,
Passionate Moodswing

My Goddess

The goddess Eire
Gave birth in a rush
Of hungry poor
They scattered
Drifting and settling
Into mountains 
That reminded them
Of Her.

They multiplied 
As they crawled 
In the darkness of 
Their new mother's belly
Chipping away
At the heart 
Of their new home. 

She is goddess in her own right.
This daughter of Eire
Lies curled protectively
Around her children
Holding their hearts fast
In the deep folds 
Of her ancient hills.

Her sensuous curves
Invite her lover
Down the highway
Coaxing him to gaze upon 
Her fullness.
Her lush green-ness
Her fragrance of birch and pine
And sun-warmed loam
Tantalizes him.

Her gently rounded hills
Hold white clapboard 
Sweet and peaceful. 
This pocket hides
A graying barn, 
slouched against 
A mounded blanket 
Kicked aside by
An over-amorous lover.

The quiet peace
Of the valley
Is her breath 
Against his neck.
What does she whisper 
In his ear 
As he cruises 
Down the highway?

If you must leave
Go on
I'll hold your heart for you
Here in this pocket
My Kanawha made for me.
It will be safe
And when you want it
You can come back
And get it.

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