Passionate Moodswing (sapphirescarlet) wrote in nocommunity,
Passionate Moodswing


I've never been the type
To rush through life.
I love to savor the little things
I don't mind traffic jams
Although I hate to wait on other things.

Still, my life has hurried past
I am astonished
When I consider
How much I've lived -
And how little.

I cannot ponder too long
On the life that I have known
The pain glares
And fills my eyes with tears.
Every joy is tempered
By the hollowness of the victory
Some joys are obliterated

Is it any wonder
I seek numbness?
Is it so surprising
That I'm so disappointed?
Not to me.

If you can take joy
In the birth of your child
Without feeling the pain
Of your solitude
Without growing angry
At your resulting dependence;
If you can take joy
From the memory of a beloved pet
Without feeling anger
Toward those who took her from you;
If you can take joy
From the memory
Of time with a loved one
Without hating him
For leaving you;
If you can love your God
Without growing resentful
For the life He's given you;

Give thanks.
We are not all so fortunate.

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